How can I get credit?

This is how I get credit. She checks the submitted documents and can still refuse the loan. So the student can freely decide on the use. (which can happen more often) and therefore funding is denied. If you receive a loan notice, what else can I do? Find the right new car, regardless of whether you have already decided on a model or not yet know exactly which vehicle it should be.

Whether construction or purchase

Whether construction or purchase

Among the first addressees are the Good Credit Bank and the Federal Ministry for economics and foreign trade, which offer both private and private owners approximately 50 conveyor systems. on line. Good Credit and Bafa assume that the developers will inquire about the situation before submitting their applications and, if possible, ask an energy consultant for advice.

Especially for property owners, Bafa has the pot “energy advice residential building”, from which energy consultants are promoted. Owners can avail the offer from 2019 again. It is aimed both at individual households and at homeowner communities. On its website, the competent body recommends that, before submitting an application, the technical guidelines with which a grant may be linked should be strictly adhered to.

Who wants to optimize his heating system in 2019, must install certain screw pumps. The maximum amount from the project “Heating Optimization” amounts to 25.000 USD. The payment will be made once the customer has sent and verified the detailed statement to Bafa. The “Regenerative Energies Heating” initiative can be combined with measures from Bafa and Good Credit.

The institution will maintain its funding programs


Since the end of the summer of 2018 this also includes child allowance in construction. The federal government uses the money to support relatives. With 12,000 USD per capita and a toddler over the age of 10, homebuyers and home buyers are being promoted. The family allowances are applied for by the members directly via the Good Credit website, where it can be found under the keyword construction-child benefit or under the product name 424.

Even those who do not take advantage of construction assistance can obtain funds from Good Credit for the acquisition or new construction of residential real estate. It grants up to USD 50 000 as a low-interest credit business that is not tied to income thresholds (program 124). In the case of new construction projects, the lending volume can be used for the acquisition of the land, the construction costs and ancillary and consulting costs.

Purchasers of existing buildings have access to capital for the purchase, conversion and expansion as well as incidental acquisition costs. Good Credit offers – for example for energy-efficient living and renovation or for age-appropriate housing conversion. In addition, Good Credit grants subsidies of up to $ 4,000 for energy-efficient construction and renovation projects if an energy efficiency expert carries out the project.

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