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To achieve the Federal Government’s climate goals, the State-owned Intrasavings bank promotes the modernization and renovation of heating, roofing, exterior walls and the like. An energy advice center will review your documents and submit them to Intrasavings bank. You do not have to go to the house bank to get a subsidy from Intrasavings bank!

Intrasavings bank and the loan itself

Intrasavings bank and the loan itself

With the funding application for the renewal of the heating system, many such measures can be applied for, with the same grant or the same Intrasavings bank loan. In the traditional Intrasavings bank business segment – the earmarking of low-interest loans – the customer bank has always been active. This means that you go to your savings bank and discuss the intended construction project, submit the documents there and collect the money from them.

As a rule, your savings bank coordinates Intrasavings bank in the background and Intrasavings bank transfers the loan amount to your savings bank. Under this model, the commercial bank gets a commission from Intrasavings bank and the loan itself is still an Intrasavings bank loan. In the current low-interest-rate environment, Intrasavings bank loans are no longer significantly more advantageous than those of their central bank, and it, therefore, does not usually make sense to use Intrasavings bank’s loan offerings.

Intrasavings bank will then pay you the subsidy

Intrasavings bank will then pay you the subsidy

Intrasavings bank also pays subsidies! If your building project meets the requirements for an Intrasavings bank funding program, you will receive a grant from Intrasavings bank in this case. The rest of the investment can be co-financed by your own capital or a loan. To obtain this funding, a management consultant must review your documents and submit a suitable funding application to Intrasavings bank.

Following the approval by Intrasavings bank and the completion of your construction project, the Intrasavings bank must submit further documents to the expert’s office, which will prove that they have been carried out correctly. Intrasavings bank will then pay you the subsidy. In the state-owned Intrasavings bank, there are no branches where individuals can get in touch with Intrasavings bank.

The loans and grants are usually managed by your commercial bank. For subsidies for energy-saving measures, however, the application for funding is usually submitted via an accredited specialist advisor.

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